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Catamount Custom Floors and Countertops is a family owned and operated premier, licensed installer of epoxy specialty floors, concrete coatings and countertops solutions. Our floors and countertops are not only beautiful and unique but also very durable, long lasting and extremely easy to maintain. Catamount can offer you something different and luxurious for your flooring and countertop needs. The sad facts are that tile crack easily, grout lines stain and are very hard to clean, wood scratches too easily and carpeting is not hygienic and can be difficult to keep clean. Taking advantage of our flooring and countertop solutions is not only cost effective but worry free and will look amazing for years even decades to come! Call our friendly office staff now for a free estimate.

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When people throng to your retail store or hotel, you want them to have a memorable experience! Catamount Custom Floors & Countertops in Pittsfield, MA will transform your ordinary looking floors to an extraordinary and upscale look and feel!


Reflector enhancer flooring systems have been in great demand for commercial and residential flooring needs; they have the "Wow" factor that's an instant eye-catcher! Call us at 413-442-8776 for a FREE estimate. Our flooring options will give you much more value over the life of the floor than traditional flooring products.

  • Unlimited designs, patterns, and colors

  • Quick installation time and low maintenance

  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Can be installed pre or post construction

  • Complete project customization

Get the look of stained concrete without the hassle and down time associated with other flooring products.

Make your flooring stand out for all the right reasons with our Reflector enhancer flooring systems. They are extremely cost-effective, durable, and tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic!

VOC free options. Being "Green" is important to you and important to us.


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6 brilliant reasons to choose reflector flooring

Outstanding attention to detail for your flooring needs

The resin components in all Reflector enhancer flooring systems are fluid applied on-site on new or existing floors, creating a tough, seamless finish without grout lines. They will not stain like tile grout or carpeting. The resin components have more tensile strength and abrasion resistance in comparison to other traditional flooring solutions.


If you need more clarity, get in touch with us today! We'll be happy to help you. Our reflector flooring options are ideal for:

Seamless flooring without unpleasant grout lines

  • Retail stores

  • Residential living spaces

  • Hotels and casinos

  • Office buildings

  • Garage floors

  • Schools and universities

  • Medical / clean rooms

  • Automobile dealership showrooms

  • Food preparation areas

  • Sports arenas

  • Veterinarian clinics

  • Shopping malls