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Catamount Custom Floors and Countertops is a family owned and operated premier, licensed installer of epoxy specialty floors, concrete coatings and countertops solutions. Our floors and countertops are not only beautiful and unique but also very durable, long lasting and extremely easy to maintain. Catamount can offer you something different and luxurious for your flooring and countertop needs. The sad facts are that tile crack easily, grout lines stain and are very hard to clean, wood scratches too easily and carpeting is not hygienic and can be difficult to keep clean. Taking advantage of our flooring and countertop solutions is not only cost effective but worry free and will look amazing for years even decades to come! Call our friendly office staff now for a free estimate.

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The Possibilities Are Endless

Garage floor Garage floor

Protect your garage floors from further damage with durable, stain resistant finish that will add value to your home. Catamount Custom Floors & Countertops in Pittsfield, MA can engineer your garage floors to a tough, good looking, and non-slip finish. We can install your garage flooring pre or post construction, depending on your specific requirement.

  • Unlimited designs, patterns, colors, custom logos

  • Complete project customization

  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas

  • For new, existing, or garage floors in need of repair

  • Low maintenance and quick installation time

  • Not a paint or cheap epoxy kit like other similar finishes that are temporary

Our diverse range of designs and patterns can go from mild to wild! Whether it's multiple colors, custom logos, or the ever popular racing checkerboard, we have it all!


Being "Green" is important to you and to us as well. Call our team at 413-442-8776 to learn more about our VOC free options or to get a FREE estimate.

Impeccable flooring solutions for your garage

Diverse range of designs and patterns for your floors

If you're concerned about your flooring systems being damaged easily, think again! When you choose our flooring systems, you can be sure they are highly resistant to deicing salts, water, petrochemicals spills, and other contaminates. For your safety, we're licensed and insured too!

Floors built to resist chemical spills and contaminates

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